One of the biggest things holding you back is honest feedback. Without explictly asking for feedback, you won't get it. And when you do get feedback from people who know you well, they will give you the "light" version.

I'm offering you a brutally honest audit of your online presence and recent content.

I'm not going to roast you or intentionally make you feel bad.

But I'm going to give a complete, honest assessment of both:

  1. Issues that are likely holding you back
  2. Existing strengths to dial up

I'll be an honest third-party observer who won't pull punches or give you the surface-level mistakes I see. I'm an obsessive pixel-pusher, and I'll run your content through the same fine-toothed comb I use on my own work.


  • A structured outline of my findings
  • A video recapping those findings

Fine print:

  • I expect to dedicate 60 minutes to research and providing a video of my findings.
  • Promised delivery within one week. Target will be faster, but the promise is one week.